Diploma in Personal Training

    PTA Global Diploma In Personal Training 

    PTA Global Diploma in Personal Training is the only course in the region that is recognized worldwide, including the USA and Canada. The diploma will qualify you to become a safe, competent and confident Level 2 & Level 3 (Europe Level 4) Personal Trainer. You will be able to work worldwide and create safe and effective goal based exercise programming for your future clients, give nutrition advice and be successful long-term in the fitness industry.

    PTA Global Diploma in Personal Training  allows you to be recognized by the following fitness industry registers: REPS UK, IC-REPS, E-REPS, REPS U.A.E, REPS Saudi, NCCA USA & Canada

    The ONLY Personal Training Qualification that allows you to start your journey in the comfort of your own home through a comprehensive 40+ Hour Online Course and Distance Learning Methods in line with the COVID19 preventive measures.


    The PTA Global Diploma in Personal Training is:

    • A programming system with the first ever behavior-based Program Design Tool filled with hundreds of pre-made, client-centered, 12-week periodized programs to match a client’s Goal, Style of training, and level of ability
    • The first and ONLY Certified Personal Training Course done in collaboration with over 24 of the world’s most influential and progressive Health and Fitness educators
    • The ONLY certification that teaches behavior based programming, so you can train not just the human being not just the human body
    • Unlimited life-long online education platform access (40 hrs of Videos, downloadable texts, notes and study guides)
    • Exercise sciences with industry experts like Paul Chek (Digestion), Chuck Wolf (Muscular Systems), Dr. John Beradi (Nutrition) and many more…
    • Functional Anatomy using Thomas Myer’s Anatomy Trains
    • Metabolic training using energy system development technique
    • Nutrition and body composition from the best in the industry
    • The ONLY certification course that teaches you specific Business Development skills, Sales Techniques, and Marketing Strategies to build a client base quickly and effectively
    • And the best part… You have unlimited access to online practice exams!


    Anatomy, Physiology, Science, Exercise Programming, Nutrition, Movement System, Functional Anatomy, Client Screening, Fitness Assessment & Testing, Periodization Principles, Motivation System & Neuropsychology, Special Population, Business & Sales, Marketing.


    • Anyone who is looking to start a career in the health and fitness industry. (No pre-existing fitness qualification needed)
    • Existing certified Personal Trainers who want to up-skill and learn the latest PTA Global systems, sciences and tools


    Course material, Unlimited online education access to 65 hours of video, downloadable text, notes, study and video-based Q&A Course handouts to be given on the 1st day of the course.

    Step 1:  Start your flexible 40-hour online learning. This can be done anywhere, anytime at the student’s own pace. This will give you unlimited access to 40 hrs of Videos, downloadable digital manuals, powerpoint slides, activity sheets and study guide.

    Step 2: Attend your 60-hour PTA Global Live Workshop held at our world class, state of the art Fitness Institute. (Mid-week and weekend options)

    Step 3:

    • Submit your completed coursework and periodized program design
    • Attend your practical assessment
    • Sit your final multiple choice theory paper

    YES! PTA Global Diploma in Personal Training is recognised worldwide, and the only course in the region that is additionally recognised in the USA and Canada.

    You will receive an email from our expert education team with a login for your online PTA Global portal. You will also receive a step by step study guide and an introduction to your assigned fully dedicated MEFITPRO team member who will guide you through your diploma.

    Average completion is 3 months. However we support students that require longer time due to commitments, work, family and other circumstances*

    YES! We are all about supporting our students learning journey and have a wide rage of payment options to make this as easy as possible.
    Contact our education team for more details: learn@mefitpro.com

    MEFITPRO has a recruitment division that offers our graduates the opportunity for full time positions in the Middle East. Please note that there is no guarantee of employment as it all depends on the trainer profile our client requires.

    YES of course! Contact our education team for this option.

    In Dubai the course is held at our incredible state of the art MEFITPRO Fitness Institute.

    For other countries, various top facilities are allocated on a course by course basis.

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