Gray Institute – Functional Golf System (Online)

    The objective of the FGS is to prepare the body to make the swing by providing the physical resources required. The Assessment and Training movements replicate the three-dimensional biomechanics of the golf swing. This movement authenticity is immediately recognized subjectively by the golfer, and proprioceptively by the body, thereby creating client engagement, adherence, and rapid improvement..

    What you will learn:

    1. Describe the Chain Reaction Biomechanics of the golf swing

    2. Describe the three-dimensional joint motions required for the Address, Backswing, Impact, and Finish.

    3. Utilize the 4 –part Dynamic Movement strategy

    4. Select, based on the movement assessment, and patient subjective responses, the initial starting Path sequence and Phase.

    5. Progress the golfing client through a Path sequence

    6. Modify the FGS Path based on individual needs

    7. Enhance the training program based on client success.

    CPD’s / CEC’s

    16 Continuing Education Contact Hours

    ASCM 15 CEC
    NASM 1.6 CEU
    AFAA 15 CEU
    ACE 1.60 CEC

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