Gray Institute – Functional Soft Tissue Transformation (Online)

    Whether you are just starting on your journey of Applied Functional Science® or are looking to continue growing, FSTT will provide a new experience by sharing a principle based process to understand for whom and what type of manual loading is safe and appropriate with the intention of improved function.

    Utilizing the Global / Local / Global spectrum method, learn how to identify abnormal tensions in the body, select appropriate loading for testing and treating, create a plan to improve energy efficient movement integrity.

    What you will learn:

    1. Describe the primary principles that govern human movement function
    2. Identify movement dysfunction / tensional imbalances
    3. Choose local tension/treatment options for individual clients
    4. Interpret subjective responses regarding stated goals and past history
    5. Implement movement / tissue loading strategies based upon client goals and demonstrated movement success
    6. Compare the degree of motion and the quality of movement between sides of the body
    7. Utilize a collection of algorithms to analyze/treat movement from a functional-anatomical point of view
    8. Perform all layer-by-layer loading techniques
    9. Develop a principle based plan for the improvement of energy efficient movement

    CPD’s / CEC’s

    CAFS has been approved for up to 25 contact hours worth of video, testing and supporting
    documents from multiple certifying bodies.

    ACSM 16 Contact Hours
    NASM 1.9 CEUs
    AFAA 15 CEUs
    PTA Global 16
    NCBTMB 19 CE Hours
    New York PTA approved 22.2 hr. online / 18 hr. live
    Ohio PTA 19.75 hrs
    ProCert 14 CCUs
    NATABOC 19 CE hours (Category A)

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