Hatton Boxing Fundamentals and Advanced

    Day One is all about mastering the basics; an essential part of the course that will give you the knowledge and understanding to teach and use correct technique, combinations and drills, before progressing onto Day Two. Here you’ll learn more advanced boxing-specific skills including defence moves, advanced techniques and combinations, to improve your teaching and take your boxing for fitness sessions to the next level.

    You’ll also learn targeted muscle group workouts and high intensity cardio exercises to incorporate alongside boxing combinations, as well as exercise modifications to enable you to tailor your sessions to suit your clients and/or class participants.

    In this course, you will learn:

    Day 1 (Fundamentals)

    • Teach correct punching and pad holding techniques
    • Teach punching combinations
    • Teach boxing-based speed and power drills
    • Conduct safe boxing for fitness classes for all fitness levels
    • Identify incorrect form and advise accordingly

    Day 2 (Advanced)

    • Structure and deliver boxing for fitness sessions for more advanced abilities
    • Teach advanced punching combinations and pad holding techniques
    • Teach defence moves including the slip and duck and weave
    • Incorporate advanced exercise drills into your sessions

    If you purchase the course with equipment, you will be provided the gloves and focus pads at the start of the course, and they are yours to keep.

    Course supplied by MEFITPRO (Fit Awards Fitness Training Provider Of The Year 2019)

    Taught by: Hatton Boxing Academy.

    Hatton Boxing Fundamentals and Advanced

    Includes Hatton Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads

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