PTA Global Behavior Change in Exercise (Online)

    A Credential that enhances the already Certified Trainer

    The PTA Global BCE Credential will allow trainers to communicate, connect, and train effectively with every client. Showing how to create outcome-driven motivational interviewing sessions combined with neuro- and exercise science tools, the BCE Credential will allow a trainer to promote behavior change in their clients.

    Course topics include

    • Behavior Change & Motivational Interviewing
    • Building a Business
    • Posture & Movement
    • Program Design: Goals
    • Program Design: Components
    • Program Design: Development
    • Group Training
    • Business Solutions

    You’ll receive

    • Up to 20 CECs from REPS, PTAG, NASM, AFAA, ACSM and ACE 
    • Video: 20 hours of online interactive video – video and Power Point
    • Downloadable forms for interviewing and program design
    • Text: downloadable PDF documents for each section
    • Exercise Videos: 250 exercise videos specific to the content
    • Program Design Tool (PDT): access to hundreds of pre-made programs for all goals, styles, and levels of clients
    • Unlimited and permanent access to online course
    • Practice exam with unlimited attempts
    • Online access to the final exam
      • 75-question, multiple-choice final exam with unlimited attempts and a 90-minute time limit.
      • No deadline for final exam
      • 70% required to pass


    PTAG Behavior Change in Exercise Credential
    Online Course
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